The mission

At the Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre, we provide the utmost care for abandoned and diseased cows and bulls. Stray cattle from the streets are brought to the centre by the Jaipur Nagar Nigam on a regular basis. The cattle as soon as they arrive are classified based on their health, age and gender. Each cattle is given a unique tag number, vaccinated and then quarantined for a scheduled period to avoid spread of any contagious disease to the existing cattle. After the quarantine period, they are allotted to a specific cattle shed based on their classification. The cattle are provided suitable medical treatment and in extreme cases, admitted in the Centre's ICU for surgery or necessary medical procedure by professional veterinarians.

All the cattle are fed with a proper diet of dry cattle fodder, green fodder etc., in measured quantities in order to maintain the health of the cattle by trained and dedicated staff.