The mission of “HINGONIA CATTLE REHABILITATION CENTER” is to develop a cow based self-sufficient economic model which could be the best model for the whole would on importance of the cow-protection. Our VEDIC LITERATURE and SHASTRA also preach for that.

Generally, it is asked why only cow-protection, why not the protection of other animals; it is because the cow is rather useful for human- beings than the other animals as cow provide us nutritious milk, source of energy cow-dunk, bulls as cultivating farming forces and a great deal of organic manure which are the urgent requirement to this polluting modern world.

So here we are trying to establish a self-sufficient model where the whole world can come study the model and can see how the protection of cows and environment are interlinked.

Doing so we will be able to protect the cow’s and the environment together, otherwise slaughtering of cow’s and deterioration of the human environment can not be stopped. There for we are for creation of a cow based economic model and cow center which will inspire many farmers to take up cow – rearing as they used to practice a few decades back in the prosperous Indian society.