You Can Save A Cow's Life

To ensure protection by keeping them in the Gaushala under own control and super vision and not to part any cow, calf, ox, bulls to any individual or any organization for any social or commercial benefit.

Sri Sudama Gau Seva

Seva Amount: ₹6100/-

Sri Govind Gau Seva

Seva Amount: ₹11000/-

Swamani & Gauth Gau Seva

Seva Amount: ₹11000/-

Sri Gopal Gau Seva

Seva Amount: ₹71000/-

We believe in tomorrow! Support our campaign today.

Your gift today can help to change a any ones future life.

Hingonia at a Glance


Acres Cows Shed




Medical Team Members


Surgeries Done Till Today

Care about people to transforming their lives and exudes a positive Impression to believe.